Oct 21

Positive Energy Trends Bode Well for U.S. Security and the Economy -

The United States is reducing oil dependence, slowing the growth of electricity needs, and making energy services more affordable to all Americans. The most important single contributor to these positive trends is energy efficiency, the nation’s largest and most inexpensive resource. 

Fortunately, NRDC’s new Energy Report shows that we’re already leading the way down the path to more stability in America’s economy and security. With the EPA’s proposed power plant standards providing more incentive for energy efficiency improvements, the EPA expects that electricity bills would drop by about 8 percent as a result. Learn more and read the full report:

Oct 20

The Benefits of Wind Energy in Iowa: A Valuable, Reliable Crop for This Agricultural State | Katharine McCormick's Blog | Switchboard, from NRDC -

Iowa is taking steps to #ActOnClimate and comply with the EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan. Wind power has already reduced carbon emissions by 14%, putting Iowa in a good position to meet EPA’s new carbon reduction plan.

Oct 17

Hey ocean litterbugs, you'd better knock it off! (We're on to you.) -

You’ve probably heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch—millions of pieces of plastic and other debris swirling around between Hawaii and California. But did you know that there are actually FIVE massive swirls of marine garbage? The South Pacific, Indian, and North and South Atlantic oceans all have their own prodigious aggregations of plastic.

OnEarth Magazine explores efforts to track this garbage back to its source.

Oct 07

Like great beer? It takes clean water! -

"Brewers rely on their local municipal water source, so it’s crucial we protect clean water." If you attended #SXSWEco yesterday, you may have heard NRDC’s Josh Morgan and Goose Island Brewery's Ian M. Hughes discuss the link between clean water and great beer. 

And if you missed the panel, click below to check out the many reasons why the NRDC - Brewers for Clean Water Campaign is working with breweries across the country to push clean water protection forward to make sure the beer you drink tastes great.

Sep 25

New York State Steps Up On Clean Energy--10 years, $5 billion | Jackson Morris's Blog | Switchboard, from NRDC -